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Driving Habits and Behaviors with Rewards and Recognition

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In this special episode of our series "In Conversation with Partha Neog," Partha Neog, Founder and CEO of Vantage Circle, hosts a vibrant discussion with Sunita Rebecca Cherian, Chief Culture Officer & Senior VP of Corporate Human Resources at Wipro.

Partha and Sunita emphasized the importance of integrating values into daily behaviors through Wipro’s "Five Habits," fostering a positive work environment where employees feel safe and authentic, supported by manager training programs.

They highlighted the necessity of a comprehensive rewards and recognition program to appreciate employees' efforts and the strategic fit between employee engagement and the employee rewards system, promoting a culture of continuity and community.

Additionally, they discussed the impact of hybrid working models post-pandemic, reinforcing the need for a cohesive work culture and common language across the organization.


(06:36) Partha and Sunita discuss the relevance and importance of employee engagement in the contemporary workplace.

(10:53) They discuss the broad factors contributing to employee engagement and how they have evolved from the pre to the post-Covid era.

(18:05) Sunita provides an in-depth explanation of her framework, "The 5 Habits."

(22:19) The conversation transitions to Sunita's methods and systems to encourage and promote these behaviors.

(26:12) Partha seeks insights on the role of the R&R system, particularly the Winner’s Circle, in fostering the 5 Habits.

(30:20) Partha and Sunita discuss the anticipated evolution of the R&R platform over the next four to five years.

(34:00) The discussion shifts to the significance of employee engagement from a cultural perspective and its prioritization by CXOs.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition