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Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition: Understanding the Difference

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This podcast explores a commonly misunderstood topic: the key differences between recruitment and talent acquisition. Join us as we dissect these fundamental aspects of HR, unraveling their distinct strategies and objectives. We aim to clarify these concepts, helping organizations refine their talent management practices for greater effectiveness.

Our esteemed guest, Javeed Ashraf Khan, Talent Acquisition & Global Mobility Director at KPMG Saudi Levant Cluster, joins us alongside your host, Susmita Sarma.

Guest's Bio

With a robust background that spans roles at IBM, a startup digital bank in Saudi Arabia, and MasterCard, Javeed excels in integrating innovative HR technologies and driving strategic recruitment initiatives. His expertise includes developing targeted operating models and promoting diversity and inclusion, significantly improving operational efficiency and workforce diversity. Recognized as a Top Global TA Voice on LinkedIn and an HR Influencer by the Economic Times, Javeed is committed to shaping transformative HR practices that align with corporate goals and cultural nuances in the Middle East and Africa.


(01:12) Javeed joins us on the podcast, setting the stage for our discussion with enthusiasm.

(03:35) Javeed shares his rich professional journey and how he's seen recruitment and talent acquisition evolve over the years.

(08:19) We explore the key difference between recruitment and talent acquisition and why it's vital for organizations.

(11:55) Shifting gears, we discuss how impostor syndrome impacts both candidates and hiring managers in recruitment and talent acquisition.

(19:20) Transitioning to employer branding, we examine its unique influence on recruitment and talent acquisition and suggest strategies for leveraging it effectively.

(24:50) Looking ahead, Javeed shares his vision for the future of recruitment and talent acquisition and offers insights on how organizations can prepare.

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Rewards and Recognition